The Metaverse FAQ: A Five-Step Guide for Communicators

It has only been a few months since Facebook rebranded as Meta. But that doesn’t mean your team must go all-in on the metaverse—yet. Join for the info and ideas you need to see beyond the metaverse hype and identify the best Web 3.0 opportunities for your brand. You’ll learn: 

  • Step 1: Defining what the Metaverse is, isn’t—and can be for your organization
  • Step 2: How to define and quantify your metaverse objectives before choosing channels
  • Step 3: Selecting the best platforms and metaverse players for your brand—from Decentraland and Horizon Worlds to Fortnight, Roblox and beyond
  • Step 4: Narrowing your options from low-cost NFTs and branded skins to virtual goods and stores, to bespoke VR worlds, D2A (direct-to-avatar) and beyond
  • Step 5: Partnering and participating—plus how to find affiliates already engaged online
  • Tamra Knepfer
    Founder and President