The Innovator’s Mindset: Inspiring Ideas and Insights to Navigate the Future

We wrap up the day with global innovation evangelist Brian Solis as he shares how to get ahead of new technology trends—instead of reacting to them. You’ll hear new ways to anticipate and even drive breakthroughs to breathe new life into your brand engagement, storytelling and technology toolbox. During this closing chat, you’ll learn:

  • What Walt Disney taught us about innovation and storytelling (it starts with UX)
  • The impact of disruption on businesses, markets and society
  • The evolving consumer—and what it means to communicators
  • The role of discovery in decision-making and influence
  • The future of the web in what it means to a post pandemic economy
  • Brian Solis
    Future Works
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications