The Indispensable Role of Corporate Communications in the Digital Workplace

Digital and social technologies have forever changed the way people communicate. It’s no secret that companies—and communicators—struggle to keep up. No longer just distributors of information, employee communicators must become facilitators and advisors; they must be early adopters who help senior execs and employees become social and collaborative. Communicators must use intranets and other digital tools to connect employees’ daily tasks to the organization’s goals, transform the employee experience and increase revenue. It sounds like a tall order, but in his keynote talk, employee communication thought leader Shel Holtz will pull the threads together and deliver a roadmap to help communicators become an indispensable business function.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to become better facilitators and advisors in the digital workplace
  • How to become better advocates for yourself and your team with senior leaders and other functions to minimize content migration challenges
  • How to win the hardest sale of all: Convince senior leaders to become social
  • How to mitigate the risk ‘unleashing employees’ on social tools and enable a more collaborative digital workplace
  • Shel Holtz
    Holtz Communication + Technology