The Impact of a Deskless Worker Digital Transformation

While many companies were already in the midst of a digital transformation, the pandemic ultimately forced the hands of many more organizations worldwide to do so as well. With so many deskless, remote and frontline workers, tools and technologies are increasingly needed — as is the mindset of interpersonal connectivity to foster a sense of community and collaboration, to relate messaging, and automate manual tasks. But given the tools to make their jobs easier and yours, how are you tracking the ROI and impact?

Join us as we dive into what digital transformation really is and how it is taking shape at multiple companies — from centralized employee platforms to apps. Plus, what’s working, what’s not and how comms pros are measuring success.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Ideas to create a virtual water cooler effect in your organization
  • How to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments
  • Defining your vision and strategy for execution and measurement around your digital tools
  • The importance of blogs and content sharing to foster inclusiveness
  • A digital transformation playbook for your company
  • Suzie Robinson
    Digital Workplace Consultant
    ClearBox Consulting
  • Lisa Claybon
    Vice President of Communications
    Compass Group North America & Chartwells K12
  • Mary Davis Kaplan
    Strategic Solutions Engineer
  • Vickie Fite
    Head of Employee Engagement
    MSL U.S.