The #HiltonEffect: Highlighting impact, accomplishments and the future through the lens of human storytelling

Every organization is creating content nowadays, but are people responding to it? As Hilton celebrates its 100th year as a leader in global hospitality, it’s also building a content strategy centered around people: travelers (both business and leisure), employees and the people of the communities and countries in which Hilton operates.

Lou Dubois, global director of content for Hilton Worldwide, led Hilton’s 100-year-celebration with a storytelling narrative that celebrated not just the company’s gorgeous properties around the world (5,500 and counting in 113 countries and territories), but the people who have helped the organization reach this incredible milestone. He’ll share successes and takeaways from an effort to focus on human stories that transcend borders, languages and cultures. Learn how you can use human-centric storytelling, a global online newsroom strategy, organized archival assets and your biggest brand advocates—your employees—to help achieve content goals, boost your brand image and ultimately help create a smarter and more effective organizational narrative.

  • Lou Dubois
    Director of content for global brand communications
    Hilton Worldwide