The Future of the News & Social Media Landscape: Breaking Through the Noise to Reach Your Audience (Even in a Crisis)

Consumers have more access to information than ever before, and they can quickly become overwhelmed by noisy social media platforms and websites cluttered with editorials, breaking news, branded content, misinformation and more (especially during the current crisis). Especially as more millennial and Generation Z consumers cut the cord (and publication subscriptions), how can you effectively deliver your messages and ensure that your content is valuable and relevant?

In this opening session with Derek K. Hubbard, Spokesperson, External Communications Team for Southwest Airlines, you’ll learn how snackable content and creative storytelling can mix withtraditional news and more to successfully fold together current trends, emotion, and branded messages in a way that entices your audience to feel and engage.

  • Derek K. Hubbard
    Spokesperson, External Communications Team
    Southwest Airlines