The Future of the Digital Workplace: How to Lead and Succeed Remotely

Navigating the complex issues of remote and hybrid workforces through establishing digital workplaces and employee-focused communications are crucial for organizations to maintain trust and retain top talent through COVID-19 and beyond. Yet, many organizations are still grappling with establishing long-term strategies for the future. Turn from short-term fixes to established programs that can foster an outstanding company culture, productivity and more.

Jessica Schaeffer, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at LaSalle Network, a national staffing, recruiting and culture firm, will share how you can break out of ineffective—and potentially destructive—workplace ruts, and instead establish long-term strategies that support, motivate and lead your employees to success within connected and engaged remote teams.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to challenge your employees in remote environments to help overcome feelings of stagnation, boredom and isolation
  • How to become more fluent in the language of employee recognition and positive feedback
  • Signs of employee burnout—and what you can do to help your workforce avoid this growing issue
  • How you can help managers, executives and other leaders throughout your organization better connect with employees and lead them through the future of remote working
  • Jessica Schaeffer
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications
    LaSalle Network