The Future of the Consumer Journey in a Data-Informed Landscape

Consumer behavior has drastically shifted during COVID-19, with more people than ever before becoming digital-first audiences who are embracing online brand engagement, e-commerce and more. Because welive in an insights economy, data can help you clinch communications success—if you measure what matters most, listen to what your audiences are telling you, and jump on trends as they appear. Matt Roberts, Senior Manager of Consumer Insights and Personalization Analytics for Adidas, will share the roadmap to success when answering the call of today’s consumer—and why you should invest in a digital-first strategy today.

You’ll learn:

  • Why e-commerce and digital-first consumer behaviors aren’t a next-year strategy—and what you can do to catch up
  • How to collect the right data and have it deliver messaging that resonates with your consumers
  • Tips for following the blueprint of successful brands and meeting consumers where they are
  • Matt Roberts
    Senior Manager of Consumer Insights and Personalization Analytics