The Future of Social Purpose: When and How to Take a Stand

Figuring out when and how your company should speak out on issues such as racial inequity, employee wellness and environmental sustainability can be easier said than done. As more stakeholders decide to spend their dollars with companies that take a stand and share their values, staying silent is rarely an option. In this session, we will discuss what to consider when communicating your values and social purpose—and when to hold back.

We’ll explore:

  • Tips for communicating bottom-line commitments to your purpose-driven initiatives including executive compensation, donations and more
  • Strategies for listening to employee sentiment around your company culture and purpose to determine which issues matter most to them
  • Best practices for aligning your values with external partners to build a network of solidarity around your purpose-driven work
  • How to craft messaging with partner organizations that are doing the work
  • Ways to empower executives to speak about your organization’s purpose with authenticity and honesty when met with backlash
  • Nigel Glennie
    VP, Global Communications
  • Nicole Moreo
  • Liz Caselli-Mechael
    Global Head of Content & Digital