The Future of Social Media Content: How Merriam-Webster Stays Relevant in the Digital Age

As consumers are bombarded with messages, content and more, yesterday’s strategies won’t make the cut on social media. Glean inspiration from a legacy brand making connections and thriving on Twitter and beyond: Lisa Schneider, Chief Digital Officer for Merriam-Webster, will share how the company stays relevant while remaining true to its mission, along with how you can blend communications foundations with digital savvy to thrive in today’s attention economy.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to craft messages for digital-first audiences
  • Takeaways on writing and content for social media platforms—and what the future holds
  • Tips for balancing current conversations, trends and more with your organization’s mission and tone
  • How you can set your organization up for social media success—even if your brand is “unsexy”
  • Lisa Schneider
    Chief digital officer and publisher