The future of reputation management: How culture affects your workforce and your bottom line

Crafting and distributing key messages to your organization’s most important audiences is the foundation of successful internal and corporate communications, but without values to back up your messages and a solid brand voice to match, you’ll have unhappy employees and be vulnerable to outside PR crises. Leslie Krohn, chief communications officer for Argonne National Laboratory, will share takeaways from reshaping and rolling out a set of core values and behaviors driving a thriving culture—and show what that means for organizations’ reputations now and to come.

You’ll learn:

  • Why culture is crucial to an organization’s success—and how communications can lead the charge for change
  • Steps for gaining buy-in and increasing adoption of core values and behaviors across stakeholders in your organization
  • Insights into innovative tactics that engage employees on the culture change journey
  • What your organization stands to gain from actively addressing culture change
  • Leslie Krohn
    Chief communications officer
    Argonne National Laboratory