The Future of PR: Making a Splash in a Crowded News and Digital Media Landscape

What’s old is new again. The forefathers and mothers of public relations and press agentry—namely, PT Barnum, Edward Bernays, Ivy Lee and feminist Doris Fleischman—taught us transparent communications principles while making publicity campaigns experiential. Bernays even galvanized a feminist women’s march that was subtly sponsored and brand-integrated by Virginia Slims. Though we’re past Edwardian era press agentry, we can apply these innovative ideas in modern ways to help us stand out in our fast-moving digital media landscape. Neil Alumkal, Founder and President of Stuntman PR, will show you how PR pros can be more creative and willing to  leap into the spotlight, as newsrooms continue to shrink and content floods online channels.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to creatively highlight your offerings to create more clicks
  • How brands without news grabbed coverage and conversation through “news-jacking” and more
  • Ideas for calculating and taking strategic risks that pay off
  • How to skirt controversy while creating a spectacle for your brand
  • Neil Alumkal
    Founder and President
    Stuntman PR