The Future of Employee Engagement, Change Management and Culture in a Digital Workplace

The past year has dramatically changed what employees expect from the organizations they work for—and what we consider “the workplace”. What’s next for employers looking to keep employees engaged in their mission and helping them adapt to rapid change in a new business landscape? Shalini Gupta, Leader and CEO Communications Manager at BT (British Telecommunications)Jacqeline Rooney, Head of Internal Strategic Response, Internal Communications for Facebook, and Rachel Lutz, Internal Communications Manager at Deloitte, will share important takeaways and insights as you navigate how you’ll continue to keep your workforce on the same page in the new normal.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to meaningfully integrate DE&I goals and initiatives
  • How to better engage with employees and bridge the gap while most employees work from home or are faced with a new workplace environment
  • Strategies for encouraging employee advocacy and leveraging employee-generated content
  • How to be agile, nimble and communicate transparently in times of uncertainty
  • How to integrate change management best practices into executive communications
  • Jacqueline Rooney
    Head of Internal Strategic Response, Internal Communications
  • Rachel Lutz
    Internal Communications Manager
  • Shalini Gupta
    Manager of Leadership and CEO Communications
    BT (British Telecommunications)