The future of communications lies in data trends and measurement insights

PR, marketing, social media and internal communicators are being tasked with reaching and engaging target audiences in new ways across channels—and show how their work is hitting both “soft” and “hard” metrics along with business goals. Brandi Boatner, social and influencer communications lead for global markets at IBM Corporate Communications, will share how you can come to the boardroom table armed with fresh insights and trends—along with a keen understanding of your audiences—to create content and stories that get people talking and clicking for more.

Through social listening and other data sources, you’ll learn how to read and understand what the numbers say to help you better target audiences, measure your campaigns and position yourself as a strategic business expert with the ability to create communications strategies that inform your audiences instead of just reacting to events.

  • Brandi Boatner
    Social and influencer communications lead for global markets