The future of change communications: Building trust from the inside out

When Sun Country Airlines went from an airline that competed against large companies such as Delta to a low-cost carrier, it had the tough job of communicating the new value proposition to its loyal customers and employees, as well as journalists and prospective customers in new markets. The principles are the same, whether your leadership lineup is transformed or your organization’s business model is overhauled. Kirsten Wenker, senior manager of communications at Sun Country Airlines, will share how the airline harnessed PR best practices and relationships to play on emotions, build upon existing brand sentiments and set a successful narrative moving forward during a time of immense change—and how you can do the same when facing transformations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to gather and implement employee feedback
  • Ways to effectively communicate organizational changes in ways that builds stakeholder trust
  • Tips for building an internal ambassador program to champion your most important messages
  • How to stay ahead of the narrative during a transformation, and throughout the life of your brand
  • Kirsten Wenker
    Senior manager of communications
    Sun Country Airlines