The Future of a Healthy Hybrid Workplace: Boosting Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Employee engagement is on every communicator’s mind now that remote workplace models are here to stay. But engagement and even employee wellbeing don’t have to take a hit — not if you apply the latest best practices for fostering a thriving hybrid work community that combines the best of remote and in-person collaborationJoin to hear hard-won lessons from Seattle Children’s Hospital and others. We’ll cover:

  • Internal comms audits: What data shows about employee preferences — and how the stats can inform content and channel strategy. 
  • Success stories: How Seattle Children’s and others have integrated a hybrid workplace model — so you can do the same. 
  • Fostering collaboration: How to balance the needs of on-site and remote, connected and non-desk employees to drive teamwork, trust and transparency. 
  • Tools meet storytelling: How a content “Engagement Calculator,” CEO townhalls, a revamped intranet and a human-centered storytelling approach can help anchor your remote or hybrid workplace strategy.
  • Navigating RTO: How to navigate the complexities of “Return to Office” transitions. 
  • Alison Zurcher
    Director of Internal Communications
    Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Janine Narvali
    Head of Business Development