The Executive Communicator’s Role in Advancing a Culture of Inclusion and Justice

Movements like #metoo, along with discussions about bias and gender pay equity, have sharpened the focus on workplace inequalities and dominated national headlines. Join us  for a thoughtful discussion on the role executive communications plays in managing these hot-button conversations and advancing a culture of inclusion.

Attendees will explore the following:

  • Which national headlines keep top leaders up at night
  • How leaders can deliver thoughtful, powerful addresses that advance a culture of inclusion and diversity
  • How to create human-centered messages that are authentic, empathetic and transparent
  • How different organizations take a thoughtful, authentic stance on contentious social issues

  • Jacqueline Welch
    Chief human resources officer, Chief diversity officer
    Freddie Mac
  • Joseph Dawson
    Director, strategic communications
    Freddie Mac