The Exceptional Writer and Editor Virtual Summit: Craft copy with power, punch and pizzazz

Superb writing matters more than ever—especially if you want to beat the content glut. Whether you’re writing a training manual, intranet post, social media update, speech or press release—every piece of copy you craft must now be concise and catchy if you want to captivate today’s distracted readers. That’s a tall order for corporate communicators saddled with jargon, confusing company style guides and byzantine approval gauntlets. Good news: You can break through these barriers and beat the blahs. Join this intensive writing workshop to rekindle your love for the written word and reignite readership across all your communication channels.

Key Highlights: • How to cut the crap, jargon and business babble • Best ways to grab millennial and Gen Z attention in the ADHD era • How to create communication experiences—not just messages • New social-media writing techniques to improve all your channels

  • Aaron French
    Internal communications manager
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Rob Reinalda

    Word Czar Media
  • Lucy Abreu
    Senior Vice President
    Syneos Health Communications
  • Kelly Stone
    Senior Director of Digital Strategy