The Evolution of Employee Engagement for Corporate Communications

Michelle Smith of O.C. Tanner will share the startling results from the first global study to quantitatively show the astounding value of an appreciation-based business culture, and why employee enrichment, rather than engagement, is the next big thing. She’ll tell you how to build the business case for recognition, and how to dramatically boost engagement, even with limited resources. This session will be rich with practical ideas to achieve business results with proven tools, how-tos, and easy and quick low- or no-cost engagement solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • The powerful difference between employee enrichment and employee engagement
  • Key leadership behaviors that encourage, rather than inhibit productivity, innovation and engagement
  • A new strategy of human value connections to connect more authentically with employees
  • The top drivers of employee engagement
  • To understand how appreciation affects key manager skills and workforce drivers
  • Common perception gaps between senior leaders and front-line employees
  • Four comprehensive employee-enrichment white papers and a useful tool to evaluate and shape your engagement strategy
  • Michelle Smith
    VP or Marketing
    O.C Tanner