The Data-Driven Communicator: A Crash Course in Social Listening, Analyzing Brand Voice, Understanding Sentiment and More

Data is crucial for effective strategies that meet business goals, but the vast majority of data is unstructured, scattered across digital platforms and channels in free text, images and videos. With the right framework, you can harness this power to stand out from your competitors and recognize both risks and opportunities on the horizon. Using the backdrop of GameStop’s soaring stock prices spurred by Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets community, Alexander Rose, Associate Manager of Data Analytics at Edward’s Lifesciences, share examples of implementing strategies that can help you understand and use the wealth of information online that exists outside of social media dashboards and media coverage hits.

You’ll learn:

  • How to analyze the conversations and text that don’t fit neatly into spreadsheets or dashboards
  • How to derive deeper insight from your social listening efforts and leverage unstructured data in ways that uncover brand opportunities and risks using bigram conversation maps and sentiment analysis
  • Ways to quickly analyze the high-velocity conversations that are happening about your brand online and make inferences about their “skeletal structure” using topic modeling, all without pouring over thousands and thousands of brand mentions
  • How to analyze your brand voice relative to your competitors and quantify how differentiated your brand voice may be using term frequencies and correlation tests
  • Alexander Hinckley Rose
    Associate Manager of Data Analytics
    Edwards Lifesciences