Cross-Departmental “Fun”damentals: Creating Pulse Surveys, Content Calendars, Newsletters and More

Deciding what resources feed into your strategy begins with the employee’s needs and wants. Armed with that intel from pulse surveys and newsletter metrics, you can create a content calendar that’s optimized to engage employees — and have a bit of fun, too. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Active listening: How to learn the wants and needs of employees through pulse surveys.
  • Crafting collaborative content: Strategies for getting your leaders, department heads, employees and subject matter experts involved.
  • Content calendars: Tips for creating a collaborative calendar that reaches across business functions to bring the entire company to light.
  • Newsletters: Examples of outstanding newsletters that drive opens and engagement.
  • Stacie Barrett
    Director of internal communication
    Domino’s Pizza
  • Kristi Munno
    Communications manager