The COVID-19 Vaccine: What Communicators Need to Know

After a long year of waiting, an approved COVID-19 vaccine is finally in distribution and an end to the pandemic is in sight. As a communicator, you have a new set of challenges and responsibilities, from disseminating timely information around the vaccines to deftly handling inoculation hesitancy among some employees.

Organizations are turning to communicators and their HR counterparts to address the questions of how and when their employees will receive the vaccine and what an eventual return to the workplace will look like. Building trust in the safety of the vaccine and developing a plan for rollout and compliance will be critical for organizations looking to recover from the pandemic, keep employees safe and avoid potential legal landmines.

We’ll discuss:

  • Messaging strategies to build confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine
  • Research to help you understanding vaccination response across demographics
  • How to keep your team and employees informed on local and state vaccination plans
  • Possible legal barriers to consider as you craft your communications
  • How to use communications to ensure employees know their safety is being prioritized
  • Key considerations to keep in mind as you build your return-to-the-workplace plan
  • How to tactfully dispel misinformation and address concerns about vaccine safety
  • Kelli Teno
    Director, Pharmacy and Healthcare Services Communications
  • Erin Lickliter
    Head of associate communications and engagement
  • Ayoka Pond
    Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications
    Baptist Memorial Health
  • Tina McCorkindale
    President and CEO
    Institute for Public Relations
  • Meghan Madhavan
    Manager of Strategic Programming
    Ragan Communications