The Challenges and Triumphs of Communicating with a Hybrid Workforce

While workplaces are shifting their strategies for operation, many have abandoned a fully remote workforce model or a mandated return to the office in favor of a hybrid solution that is customized to the needs of their business, providing some form of home base while allowing select remote workers to continue telecommuting. With each hybrid workplace solution comes a set of communication challenges that you can help smooth over, including communicating your reasoning behind who gets to stay remote and who needs to come into work, reducing distance bias and ensuring remote employees feel included during in-office gatherings and meetings.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to communicate expectations around who can stay remote and who must come into the office
  • Strategies for reducing distance bias that can foster resentment between in-office and remote employees
  • Ways to craft parallel messaging with divergent expectations for remote and in-office employees
  • The top tools for hybrid employee engagement
  • Annabelle Montilla
    Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  • Jesse Hamlin
    VP, Brand Marketing
  • Megan Rokosh
    Global CMO
    Havas Health & You