Employee Comms Analytics: Measure, Refine — Then Measure and Refine Again

Everything can be measured. But it helps to know how what you are measuring matches, or deviates, from what senior leadership expects to learn. In this session, you’ll learn how measuring the effectiveness of your employee comms involves a look at open rates, click throughs and views, and comments. You’ll discover:

  • Why data and analytics are important but don’t tell the whole story … remember those pulse surveys?
  • The importance of analytics to affirm the value of comms and tie back to the bottom line.
  • How your dashboard can consistently help you to evaluate your internal comms and refine as needed.
  • When you should measure — be it weekly, biweekly, monthly — and when you should refine.
  • Ashley Machac
    Director of Employee and Executive Communications
    BMC Software
  • Debra Helwig
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
    K·Coe Isom
  • Chuck Gose
    Head of Community and Industry Insights