The Amazing Videos Virtual Summit: New Essential Skills to Script, Shoot and Edit Stand-Out Videos

Video is a must-have skill for communicators who want to move their careers forward today. Join this hands-on training session to bring your skillset up to speed and learn how to create sizzling videos that win over audiences—and impress bosses. Instructors Drew Keller (Microsoft) and Matt Silverman (The Daily Dot) will teach you the latest video techniques, tools and best practices so you can become your organization’s most confident—and competent—visual storyteller.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create a cost-effective video strategy
  • Plan, script and storyboard videos for greater success
  • Competently use the best cameras, lighting and mics
  • Confidently shoot video that hits hot buttons—and KPIs
  • Distribute video on social media for maximum reach
  • Drew Keller
    Content developer


  • Matt Silverman
    Director of video
    The Daily Dot