Telling Your Brand Story Beyond Social Media: Using Digital Content to Break Through the Noise

Having a solid social media strategy is outstanding, but your work doesn’t stop there. You must also support that strategy and feed the “content monster” with valuable and attention-attracting digital media content and campaigns. Mary Olivieri, EVP and Executive Creative Director of CBD Marketing, will share the secrets to “carving up your content turkey,” dishing up practical takeaways to help you serve your target audience with the content they crave.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for creating and repurposing content such as newsletters, blog posts and emails that support social media campaigns
  • Ways to stand out online without giving consumers content fatigue
  • How digital content and storytelling fits into holistic communications strategies
  • How to diversify your content across digital channels—and why it’s crucial for success
  • Mary Olivieri

    EVP and Executive Creative Director
    Colman, Brohan and Davis