Tell Your Story: Purposeful Employee Storytelling Strategies to Humanize Your Brand

Purposeful brand storytelling shouldn’t just be about where your company has been, but also about where it’s going—and about the people who are going to get you there. Putting employees at the heart of your storytelling and thought leadership celebrates your culture by humanizing your biggest wins and recognizing your ongoing challenges, while creating reliable employee ambassadors in the process. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Landing messaging with quotes and testimonials
  • Tips on engaging employee ambassadors to amplify your purpose and culture
  • Best practices for providing language, assets and other guidance to your employee ambassadors while empowering them to speak in their authentic voice
  • Creative storytelling approaches that inspire employees share your brand as their brand on social media
  • The most effective channels and mediums – from LinkedIn to Town Halls—for  sharing employee stories
  • Dawn Hagen
    Culture Communications Lead