Taking a Stand: Inclusion + Social Purpose + Black Lives Matter How organizations and individuals can take a meaningful stance on advancing racial justice and help create change

Brands across the nation are making their voices heard in response to the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing demonstrations. They’re speaking up to condemn racial violence and support those demanding justice. Your organization might have already been one of them.

But your brand has more than just a voice—it has the power and platform to advance the dialogue around racial justice and enact real change in society. As a communicator, you play a pivotal role in helping yourself and your organization show true solidarity, craft authentic messaging on this issue, and interact with your audiences and peers in a way of true unity and progress. Join Ragan for a discussion on how brands and individuals can serve as allies in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, craft meaningful statements regarding the events unfolding daily and make a commitment to equality in their workplace, industry and country.

Your friends, colleagues, employees and customers are watching you and your organization’s response—or lack thereof. Ensure you’re making your genuine purpose clear in your words and actions.

Learn how to:

  • Craft authentic, informed messaging around racial justice and address your organization’s own shortcomings
  • Understand what being a true ally entails and ensure you and your organization are taking the right steps forward
  • Support and listen to Black employees during a time of stress and trauma and make their concerns heard and addressed
  • Avoid empty statements or unclear promises in your communications to employees and the public
  • Use your role as a communicator to advocate for concrete change within your organization and outside it
  • Listen to feedback from your audience, learn from your mistakes and respond thoughtfully to criticism
  • Do your own research to better understand the roots of inequality and how you can foster inclusion as an individual and organization
  • Brandi Boatner
    Social and influencer communications lead for global markets
  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Mike Paul
    Reputation Doctor® LLC
  • Ayanna Robinson
    Executive Vice President, Reputation
    Porter Novelli
  • Carol Russell
    Partner, Chief Executive Officer
    Russell Herder