Taking a Stand during the Great Reboot: Energize the Workforce with Social Impact

The game has changed. Employees now expect leadership to step up and speak authentically about issues like corporate citizenship, social justice and workplace wellness. Join to discover how other communicators are helping to exceed those expectations and energize the workforce—while helping their organizations become more iconic in the process. You’ll hear:

  • Why communicators must take the lead in social impact
  • Why social impact matters as companies embrace a hybrid return-to-work model
  • Heart > mind > action: How to move from purpose to impact—essential steps to
    align your business, people and purpose
  • Purpose + Story = Passion: How to unite employees around values, social impact
    and corporate citizenship initiatives
  • How to tell your social impact story (hint: “real people” make stories sing)
  • Tying it all together with trust: Lessons from Reuters’ “Trust Principles”
  • Workforce trends to watch: How to prepare your teams for what’s next . . .
  • Katherine Cheng
    Vice President of People, Culture and DEI
    Seattle Mariners
  • Lauren Young
    Wealth editor