Takeaways from the World Cup: How Nike activates employee engagement

Employee engagement is a crucial element of internal communications and an organization’s culture. However, the task becomes much more difficult when you consider a large workforce, especially when employees are distributed throughout the nation or world. Kathy Baird, senior director of editorial and experiences, global employee communications at Nike, will share how the organization set out to engage with its 76,000 employees in a unique way while also encouraging team members to go above and beyond. She’ll discuss how Nike’s initiative included five employees traveling to Paris to cover the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team at the World Cup as “employee reporters”. The impact of these programs produces unique storytelling opportunities, creates enthusiasm around an exclusive experience, and boosts morale. Understand how this type of activation can be replicated regardless of your organization’s size or structure.

You’ll learn:

  • How to increase engagement and highlight employees with unique experiences
  • Tips for providing employee incentives that can work across budgets
  • Ways to reward employees for outstanding contributions with experiences that benefit both them and your organization
  • Ideas for unique and creative ways to incentivize and motivate employee engagement, drawing on current events and trends
  • Kathy Baird
    Senior director of editorial and experiences, global employee communications