Take the Reins: How PR Pros Can Powerfully Communicate in the “Fake News” Era

Advancements with technology, social media platforms and mobile devices have disrupted the traditional communications model, which presents both tough challenges and outstanding opportunities. Though PR pros must monitor and prepare to defend their organizations’ reputations at a moment’s notice, you can also reach and interact with their audiences better than ever before.

Errol Cockfield, senior vice president of communications for MSNBC, will show the risks in this quickly moving social media landscape that is becoming increasingly more crowded with political and social issues PR pros must navigate. He will also show the power social and digital channels have in communicators’ hands, especially when using defensive PR strategies to bolster your organization’s image, take advantage of the fast-pace news cycle, and cover crucial elements of reputation management.

  • Errol Cockfield
    Senior vice president of communications