Take a risk: How Wendy’s ditched traditional tweets to embrace snark—and win

Wendy’s has gained a reputation—along with a large following of brand advocates—for dishing out sass as fast as it serves its customers burgers and fries. The fast-food chain’s not only holds the most-retweeted tweet in history (#NuggsForCarter), its famous Twitter quips have attracted the attention of consumers, reporters and other brand managers, often resulting in headlines and funny Twitter conversations, as well as increased engagement. However, Wendy’s wasn’t always as quick on their feet. Its traditional approach to social media was shed in favor of taking risks—and you can do the same with your online strategy. Christina Miller, connections director of social strategy, and Chris Corley, executive creative director, for the Wendy’s account at VML, will share the organization’s secrets to Twitter success—along with how you can spice up your Twitter presence (even if you take a decidedly less-snarky approach).

Key Highlights:

  • How to take more risks with Twitter content—and how they can help you win brand loyalists
  • Tips for developing an online strategy based on consumer responses
  • Ways to creatively approach social media engagement—but stay true to your brand voice
  • How to entertain followers, but balance the sass with outstanding customer service
  • Secrets for social media success—no matter if you’re slinging burgers, insurance or executive communications
  • Christina Miller
    Connections director in social strategy
  • Chris Corley
    Executive creative director