Surviving and Thriving in Disruption: Building Cohesion and Culture

Chaos, crisis, cacophony—we’ve learned how to live with it all this past year. But you don’t have to merely survive amid change and disruption—you can thrive. Discover how to create cohesion and culture no matter what your employees face—from return-to-the-office concerns to expansion, turnover, M&As, data breaches or even another health crisis. You’ll hear:

  • How to create a responsive culture that adapts to change (starting with a top-down vision and strategy)
  • What a practical change management toolkit should include—from VSEM frameworks and templates to an initiative-based approach that aligns people and budget based on skillset and workload
  • KPIs that matter: Ideas to measure your change communications successes
  • What’s next in: Return to the workplace, DEI, workplace wellness—and how to combat fear with facts
  • Hannah Cho
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications
    BMC Software