Surviving a leadership transition: Five ways to thrive when the world shifts

Adrianne Goldsmith Romero has worked for three FBI directors: Robert Mueller, James Comey and now Christopher Wray. She knows what it means to develop a process for speechwriting, editing and event preparation—and then have everything change when your world shifts and the slate is wiped clean. How do you hit the ground running? How do you learn a new leader’s speaking style, preferences and motivations? How do you build credibility with a new boss? How do you balance your institutional knowledge with new leadership priorities? How do you learn to work with a new team—one with its own agenda?

Key Highlights:

  • Get the skinny on your new speaker, even in the absence of one-on-one interaction
  • Identify your leaders’ priorities and learn what makes them tick
  • Draw on your institutional knowledge to help your leaders understand the big picture—the culture, the undercurrents and the issues they need to know
  • Illustrate your value to become indispensable to a new team
  • Think like a fox: Know when to quietly sit, listen and observe, and when to leap into action to get what you need
  • Adrianne Goldsmith Romero
    chief speechwriter to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray