Supercharge Your Content (and Engagement) by Finding Your Brand Voice

How do you differentiate yourself in a marketplace that feels like a sea of the same? Discover your brand voice and infuse it into every type of communication your organization shares. Learn how Moe’s Southwest Grill grew its social media audience by 40 percent in the last two years by leaning in to the brand’s irreverent personality and weaving it into every piece of content. Whether you’re a communicator for a legacy brand with lots of fans or an organization that’s just starting out, you too can connect with your audience and speak authentically—no matter the touchpoint. Victoria Nielsen from FOCUS Brands will share insights and easy exercises to help you unlock your organization’s voice potential.

Key Highlights:

  • Better engage your social media audience
  • Tell your brand story throughout content types in an authentic and relevant way
  • Keep a consistent voice across audience touchpoints including website, email and social media
  • Create clear brand voice guidelines that can empower your team—and your content strategies
  • Bring flavor (and a human side) to your organization in a digital age
  • Victoria Nielsen
    Senior social media manager
    FOCUS Brands