Strengthen Your Stage Presence and Public Speaking Skills to Garner More Influence

Whether you’re trying to win approval for a budget increase or announcing a new product to the media, appearing nervous or uncertain could sink your efforts. Even if you weren’t born a naturally clear and confident public speaker, there are many steps you can take to improve your presence in front of an audience. Veteran public speaking coach and CommCore Consulting Group CEO Andy Gilman will walk you through the essentials of any outstanding speech or presentation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for success before a presentation, speech, meeting or interview
  • Easy exercises and tips to make your words more compelling and memorable
  • Tips to improve every part of your virtual presentations—from video and camera set-ups to proper lighting and dress
  • Examples of good media interviews—and ones that fell flat due to common mistakes
  • Common public speaking mistakes to watch out for—and how to correct them
  • How to bridge conversations and stay on message even in a heated interview
  • Ways to improve your body language and presentation in virtual and in-person settings
  • Andy Gilman
    President & CEO
    CommCore Consulting Group