Strategies to strengthen culture at every stage of the employee journey

Salesforce is the fastest-growing enterprise software organization in the world and is adding thousands of employees every year. How does an organization that prides itself on its “Best Place to Work” reputation keep a strong culture while growing rapidly? In this session, Theresa Ludvigson, global head of new hire experience and part of the employee marketing and engagement team at Salesforce, will give practical strategies for making sure your organization is delivering a world-class, five-star experience for new hires and keeping the culture strong throughout the full employee journey.

Key Highlights:

  • A full-year new hire success journey
  • A real-time, multidirectional process for goal setting and feedback
  • On-demand, interactive learning accessible to everyone
  • Amping up equality, giving back, well-being and fun
  • Metrics to measure and adapt your employee experience
  • Theresa Ludvigson
    VP, Global Onboarding and Loyalty Programs