Strategic PR and Media Relations: Unlocking Trust in the Misinformation Age

According to the Pew Research Center, 94% of journalists and 50% of the public believe misinformation is a growing problem — one that also can become a crisis for PR unless we’re part of the solution. Join for new stories, examples and strategies to build trust and coverage by becoming a credible source for your audiences in the newsroom, boardroom or living room.

You’ll discover:

  • Examples of mis/disinformation — and inspiring responses to emulate.
  • Three essential filters to apply to your mis/disinformation responses.
  • The increasing role of “owned” content in winning the war on misinformation.
  • How to provide clarification, corrections and background in a 24/7 news cycle — here at home and internationally
    (including when and how to offer exclusive insider access to influential journalists to counter bogus claims).
  • The 8 Trust Indicators: What trustworthy news looks like—and how to inoculate the public against misinformation.
  • What the next generation of mis/disinformation looks like — and how to protect your brand reputation before it happens.
  • Mike Nachshen
    Senior Director of International Communications
    Raytheon Missiles & Defense
  • Sally Lehrman
    The Trust Project