Storytelling in Disruptive Times: Solve Communications Challenges and Rebuild Trust

Your organization is dealing with disruptions that are bigger than ever as we recover from the many tests of corporate culture and an ongoing decline in trust in institutions due to the pandemic, economic uncertainty, social justice protests, a Capitol coup attempt and more.  

Enter the transformative power of storytelling. It’s a communicator’s most powerful tool to rebuild trust—and cascade vision and purpose in trying times. It brings your mission to life and gives your message personality. It uplifts, informs and inspires—whether you’re talking to employees, pitching the press, posting to social media or advising action to your teams.   

Miri Rodriguez (Microsoft), Chloe Louvouezo (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Anthony Quintano (TD Bank) and Rick Parkill (Brand Storytelling) show you how to cut through the clutter and create deeper connections.  You’ll learn:

  • Ways to express empathy and compassion through storytelling  
  • Case studies: Brand storytelling lessons from inspiring YouTube videos and award-wining short films from KitchenAid, Lyft, REI, Corona and AirBnB 
  • Top storytelling trends and tools for 2021 (from new video channels to
    podcasts and audio storytelling apps like Clubhouse) 
  • 8 most common storytelling structures and how to design your own 
  • Emotional hot buttons: How to speak to the heart, not the head  
  • Inclusive storytelling and why it matters beyond DEI programs 
  • Integrated storytelling: Insights for telling your story visually—
    on your intranet and social media apps like TikTok  
  • How to create a brand with purpose through storytelling 
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"
  • Chloe Louvouezo
    Diversity, Inclusion and Communications Consultant
    Chloe Louvouezo
  • Anthony Quintano
  • Rick Parkill
    Founder and Director, Brand Storytelling Network
    Sundance Film Festival