Storytelling Frameworks for Communicators: Lessons Gleaned from Pixar’s Formula (and Beyond)

Storytelling isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about B2B tech or financial institutions. But two companies in these sectors actually have very robust storytelling cultures to make “technical” topics come alive and move the hearts and minds of the real people they serve. Join to hear how they put storytelling to work. You’ll learn:

  • Let’s have some fun! We’ll start with a quick interactive exercise to find — and tell — your personal story in 250 characters or less
  • The most common business storytelling structures and how to use them
  • Pixar’s published 22 storytelling rules and what they mean to speechwriters, spokespeople, media sources, employee ambassadors and social media pros
  • The magic of “make it human” and “make it matter” — how to transform your copywriting mindset from writing words to capturing emotions
  • Patrice Smith
    Vice President, Regional Communications
    PNC Bank
  • Casie Shimansky
    Creative Director
    Stax Payments