Storytelling Design for Social Media: AI-Powered Brand Love

Effective storytelling is algorithm agnostic. It creates builds on human connection and is the key to moving hearts and minds — no matter what channels you post to. Join to discover your best brand story — powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology to bring to life stories that conjure emotion, drive inclusion and lead with empathy. This is the Rosetta stone you’ve been looking for if you want to galvanize your social media audiences while building trust, social equity and even corporate innovation through storytelling. You’ll learn:

  • New research: How to achieve brand love with the ❤️and 🧠 of storytelling.
  • How to activate OpenAI in each phase of the story arc.
  • Live ChatGPT Demo: Crafting a social media ready brand story in minutes.
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"