Stop the Scrolling: Captivating Content Across Social Media Platforms

Grabbing your audience’s attention as messages bombard their newsfeeds can be a difficult task—and keeping it can be an even taller order, especially during a crisis. Communicators who break through the noise to effectively reach employees are those who create engaging content, information and calls to action that cater to mobile screens, diverse audiences and current needs. Carmen Collins, Senior Social Media & Talent Brand Manager at Cisco, will show ways to create thumb-stopping social media posts and employee-generated content that views, engagement and connectivity.

You’ll learn:

  • How Cisco’s “Circle of Goodness” process continually provides stories for Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Ways to help employees and community members come together even as they’re apart under hashtags and social media conversations
  • Tips for using insights and social listening to better understand diverse audiences across cultures, age groups and interests
  • How to emphasize your culture, mission and workforce throughout times of crisis
  • Carmen Shirkey Collins
    Senior Social Media and Talent Brand Manager