Spreading internal stories: Using social media to show off your organization’s culture

As an internal communicator, you play a crucial role in helping your people connect with the organization’s culture. Your stories individualize and celebrate employees, humanize leaders and help everyone work together to achieve a higher purpose. It would be a shame to keep all those great messages within your own walls. In this session, Spencer Sutherland of CHG Healthcare will show you how to use internal stories to create external social media messages that build brand recognition and create personal connections with your customers and potential hires.

Key Highlights:

  • The anatomy of a good external story
  • How to make your employees the stars of your social media strategy
  • Tips for making super, simple videos on a shoestring budget
  • Ways to encourage your people to engage with your messages and share them with their social networks
  • Spencer Sutherland
    Director of Communications
    CHG Healthcare