Speechwriting and Storytelling for Stability: How to Deliver Optimism and Simple Answers in Unsettled Times

Today’s audiences want more than wonky speeches full of scintillating soundbites, zingers and wow moments. What they want in these chaotic and uncertain times are simplicity and security. This session with leading speechwriters from the private and public sectors reveals how to deliver hope over hype with an authentic voice across all venues — from presentations and executive town halls for employees to social videos and press statements. We’ll cover:

  • Authenticity: How to define your voice without spin, jargon or hype — including how to lean on numbers, anecdotes or other elements depending on your exec’s preferences.
  • Passion: How to find your principal’s passion points and build trust by building stories and talking points around them — including how to craft and deliver a great anecdote.
  • Storytelling: How to find stories and personal anecdotes that move audiences — lessons the “Lenny Skutnik moment.”
  • Solutions: How to apply a “Solutions Framework” to your executive comms to deliver the simple answers that your stakeholders want most.
  • Security: Words, phrases, stats and stories that help convey a sense of security and optimism for the future — and how to add them to your executive comms toolkit.
  • “CEOs as Coaches” Bonus: How to find optimism in a chaotic world — and deliver it in speeches.
  • Nick Lanyi
    Media Relations and Crisis Communications Expert
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Michael Ricci
    Former Speechwriter and Dir. Communications
    Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan