Speechwriter’s Braintrust: Creating Relatable Speeches and an Authentic Brand Voice

Trust — or lack of it — dominates public dialogue these days as skepticism in institutions and leaders continues to rise. This panel with White House alumni, current government speechwriters and top corporate executive comms directors reveals how to rebuild that lost trust with relatable speeches that cut through the clutter and connect with a powerful, authentic brand voice. You’ll discover:

  • Insider secrets from WH alumni: Behind the scenes of presidential speechwriting.
  • Mastering the message: How execs can “speak from the heart” to communicate greater authenticity.
  • What “brand voice” is, what it isn’t — and how to find yours to help build loyalty and trust.
  • How others are bringing brand voice to life and cascading it across all comms and content.
  • Stories from the stage: Examples, techniques and tips for building narrative arcs, relatable anecdotes and emotional resonance into speeches.
  • Neat, cheat or take a seat? What speechwriters, wordsmiths and editorial execs REALLY think about AI tools like ChatGPT (hint: AI can help refine language or check grammar if you’re in a rush)
  • Matt Teper
    Editorial Director
  • Stephen Krupin
    Senior speechwriter for former President Barack Obama
  • Alexandra Robinson
    Deputy Speechwriter
    U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh