Spark Moments of Joy and Engagement in a Rapidly Shifting Social Media Landscape

Consumers are turning to social media platforms more than ever before to connect, learn, share their thoughts, be entertained and more, providing a plethora of opportunities for digital communicators. However, organizations must strike a careful balance in their messages, content and campaigns, while also fighting for attention amid growing screen fatigue. Enter now-viral “celebrities” including Admiral Fancy Pants the Penguin, Ollie the Sea Otter, Harpo the Seal and more. Madeline Walden, Social Media Coordinator for Aquarium of the Pacific, will share how she educates and engages with followers on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in unique ways that underline the aquarium’s mission while offering audiences valuable content and moments of joy in a chaotic and fast-moving digital media landscape.You’ll learn:

  • Tips for featuring your organization’s stars and boosting engagement on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Ways you can be part of trending topics in ways that match your brand voice and tone—and include calls to action that work, without alienating audiences
  • Tips for brainstorming new offerings, virtual behind-the-scenes peeks and more that can help your organization rack up online engagement and media coverage, even in times of crisis and change
  • Ideas for powering social media storytelling with live videos sessions on YouTube and TikTok
  • Madeline Walden
    Social Media Coordinator
    Aquarium of the Pacific