Solving for AI, TikTok and Twitter: Social Media in Government and Regulated Industries

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to keep up with the nuances, best practices and ethics of leveraging TikTok, Twitter (ahem) and AI tools like ChatGPT in your outreach. This session with innovative communicators successfully using these digital technologies breaks it all down so you can achieve breakthrough results without breaking regulations—or the bank. You’ll learn:

  • How TikTok, BeReal and AI tools can help you engage with wider audiences, improve targeting and monitor issues in real-time.
  • Using third party advocacy to reach forbidden waters: How to tackle “TikTokification” when TikTok’s a no-go.
  • What brands, agencies and PIOs are doing to navigate Twitter’s turmoil — and how to strategize migrating to alternate platforms.
  • Tools and rules: The legal, ethical, security and regulatory challenges presented by these tools — including how to stay compliant.
  • Showcase: How to navigate roadblocks, restrictions and regulations — inspiring examples bridging the gap between rules and rewards.
  • Alan Black
    Director of Corporate Communications
    U.S. Navy, at Dahlgren, Virginia