Social Wellbeing, AI & Chit-Chat: Creating a Water Cooler Effect

Humans are social beings that naturally share, develop, and sustain meaningful relationships with others. The more employees work with others, the deeper these ties can become and more value their relationships will bring to your organization. Join a panel of HR and employee engagement experts as they dive into what creates a socially interactive workforce in 2023.

  • Tapping all your communications channels and digital collaboration tools to increase cross-functional teamwork
  • Encouraging curiosity and experimentation with new innovations like AI and Chat GPT for writing, recruiting, and mentorship matchmaking
  • Revamping your Intranet and/or employee communication hub to promote employee engagement and boost internal communications
  • Discussing the connection between social and emotional wellbeing with your employees
  • Karianne Michelle
    Brand Strategist, Well-being Expert & Sound Bath Recording Artist
  • Barbara Booras
    Customer Community Manager
  • Brooke Wilson
    Head of Resources for Living
    CVS Health
  • Amy Johnston
    Clinical Director
    Urban Wellness