Social Selling in a Privacy-First World: Thrive in Social Media’s New Walled Gardens

The way social media works is shifting—punctuated by Google’s 2023 ban of third-party cookies. But with cookies on the way out, paid social “walled gardens” offer marketers a bright spot. Join to reevaluate your social selling and messaging strategies with user permissions. You’ll learn:

  • Differences between first, second and third-party data and what it means for you
  • How GDPR and California privacy regulations like CCPA impact the industry
  • How Google’s sunsetting third-party cookies and Apple’s tracking tools will affect e-commerce
  • How walled gardens like Facebook are impacting how you can target and measure
  • What to do now: Permission-messaging and alternate measurement strategies to embrace
  • Andrew Bates
    Enterprise Data Strategy Director