Social Media: Taking Thought Leadership to the Next Level

Informed, smart writing makes all the difference between the thought leadership stories that connect with audiences and those that don’t. You must harness the expertise of your execs and subject matter experts so they become influential, trusted resources, both internally and externally. Deciding what content will increase visibility and trust, particularly on social media, is likely right at your fingertips. Hint: an integrated approach across multiple channels like townhalls, external speeches, thought leadership events, op-eds and more.

In this session, we’ll unpack:

  • Strategies for repurposing town halls into smaller pieces of content, including Live sessions on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and developing podcast series.
  • Best practices for aligning topics with the issues most important to your employees and your business.
  • Tips for ghostwriting authentically across intranets, apps, newsletters and then give it new life on social media.
  • Sarah Youngman
    Director of Development and Communications
    Community Legal Services
  • Sara Schmidt
    Director of Internal Communications